Site Outremont

July 15-23, 2017 - Site Outremont (Montréal, QC)
Site Outremont — Jen Reimer & Max Stein

The wasteland near Avenue Durocher and Avenue Atlantic is a former rail yard and recent construction site that has undergone many changes over time. Over the past decade, roads, aqueducts and tunnels have appeared and with that came new landforms; dirt hills have become fertile, and ponds have attracted new wildlife. All this has changed the area around it, not only visually but sonically as well. New resonant surfaces have appeared in the form of concrete structures that reflect the sounds of approaching trains and nearby traffic. Crickets resonate in the surrounding field alongside faint hums from construction. Since 2016 we have been visiting the area and recording its development. In collaboration with Constructlab and the Goethe Institute, we created an installation on site using PVC pipes to filter processed field recordings. The installation ran continuously for 1 week.


Installation a part of Sounding the City

Curated by Goethe Institute and Constructlab

Project by Jen Reimer & Max Stein