About — Jen Reimer & Max Stein


Jen Reimer and Max Stein are sound artists and musicians based in Montréal and Los Angeles. Their work explores urban acoustic environments, resonance, and the embodied experience of sound and space through site-specific performances, sound installations and spatial recordings.

They’ve collaborated with Suoni per Il Popolo, HTMlles, Inaudibles, matralab, Dazibao, Laboratoire sur les récits du soi mobile, Eastern Bloc & Pop Montréal (Montréal, QC), IICSI & Musagetes (Guelph, ON), Audioparc & Galerie Verticale (Laval, QC),  Son/Contexte (Quebec City, QC), send + receive (Winnipeg, MB), Nes Artist Residency (Skagaströnd, IS), Sound Development City (Lisbon, PT & Marseille, FR), Invisible Places (São Miguel, PT), Lisboa Soa (Lisbon, PT), Sonic Topologies (Zurich, CH), Sonoscopia (Porto, PT), Tsonami Arte Sonoro (Valparaíso, CL) Tokyo Arts and Space (Tokyo, JP), Äänen Lumo (Helsinki, FI),Les Digitales (Lausanne, CH), Videosoundart Festival (Milan, IT), Live Arts Cultures & Forte Marghera (Venice, IT), PATH Festival (Verona, IT), MADAM (Milan, IT) and 24-Drone (Hudson, NY).


Sounding the City
Montréal Sound Map
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About — Jen Reimer & Max Stein