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Verona: PATH Festival

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Porta Vescovo was a gate designed and built in 1520 by Architect Teodoro Trivulzio. The structure is situated near the Porta Vescovo railway station.

We were invited by PATH Festival to perform in a small 50 meter long viaduct beside Porta Vescovo. The performance combined field recordings, horn and the inherent soundscape.

Live Arts Cultures: Performance

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Live Arts Cultures is an association based in Venice that organizes residencies, performances and promotes performing arts: particularly dance, music, performing arts and new technologies.

We created a soundscape combining horn, live electronics and recordings of crickets. The crickets were recorded outside of the warehouse which connected to the C32 Gallery Workspace. We performed with noise/experimental sound artist Alessandro Ragazzo in a vast warehouse space surrounded by candlelight.

Forte Marghera: the beginnings

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We are currently at Forte Marghera, a historical military fortress in Mestre, 10 km from Venice, IT. We were invited by Live Arts Cultures as artists in residence at the C32 Gallery Space. We are creating portable sound installations in various locations within the fort. We will also create a performance combining field recordings collected from the fortress, horn and live electronics.

Helsinki: Performance at Vapaan Taiteen Tila

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Äänen Lumo organized a show for us in Vapaan Taiteen Tila, or ‘Free Space for Art,’ a former bomb shelter in the area of  Sörnäinen, Helsinki. In collaboration with Adam Basanta we presented our most recent performance for horn, field recordings and incandescent light bulbs. We have been developing this piece over the past 2 years and have performed it in various resonant spaces (Mãe D’Água, Bain St-Michel and McGill MMR). We are excited to create new compositions and installations after this tour.