Métro de la Concorde

September 28, 2012 - Metro de la Concorde (Laval, QC)
Métro de la Concorde — Jen Reimer & Max Stein

Métro De la Concorde is located in Laval and was opened on April 28, 2007.

The installation combined recorded ventilation drones, field recordings and processed horn amplified through three speakers facing downward on three resonant ventilation grates.

The sound reverberated within the concrete walls of each grate. The audience was encouraged to walk around the outdoor complex as well as inside the Métro station to experience the piece from different perspectives.


Performance by Jen Reimer + Max Stein
Presented as part of AUDIOPARC
Curated by Magali Babin & Galerie Verticale

Photos by A. Bellavance & Magali Babin