St-Urbain Underpass

June 8, 2011 & June 11, 2012 - St-Urbain Underpass (Montréal, QC)
St-Urbain Underpass — Jen Reimer & Max Stein

The Saint Urbain Underpass is a 250 meter long viaduct connecting St Urbain and Van Horne in Montréal. The performance combined horn, field recordings and live electronics amplified through speakers spanning the length of the tunnel.

The performance was recorded  with binaural microphones and independently released on vinyl. The record release was held in the same location on June 11 2012 for the Suoni per Il Popolo festival.


Performance by Jen Reimer + Max Stein
Presented in collaboration with Suoni per Il Popolo (2011/12) and Ghosts of Public Spaces/Actions! (2012)

Photos by Zsofia Zambo, Louis Rastelli, Marcella Moser, Ximena Holuigue & Alannah Clamp
Video captured by Marcella Moser and Jordan Mackenzie
Sound captured by Lisa Gamble/ Mastered by James Plotkin